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Customer agrees to comply with these and merchant-specific terms and conditions when purchasing products and services on SK Saimaa Coop OSK's Internet services.


General terms

  • Prices presented in the online service are subject to VAT.
  • We apply dynamic pricing. Prices are dependent on time and duration.
  • We sell products to individuals of legal age as well as business customers.
  • We reserve the rights to price changes.
  • The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
  • We reserve the right to change our terms of delivery. Before ordering, the customer must familiarize yourself with the terms of delivery in force at any given time.

Booking conditions

These terms apply to products and services that are rented and booked. These are referred to as “object”.

General rules

  • Saimaa Bikes bike rental terms and regulations are defined in these terms and conditions, the rental agreement and Finnish legislation. By placing an order and/or signing a lease agreement, you agree to be bound by these rental terms.
  • The rented bikes and their accessories are the property of Sk Saimaa Coop OSK. Accessories on e-bikes include a lock with two different keys or a number lock, as well as a cycling helmet.
  • If the renter hands the bicycle over to a third party, the renter is also fully responsible for any damage to the bike. The bike must not be taken outside Finland's borders.
  • The rental price is paid in advance at the online store or at the Saimaa Bikes rental point
  • Customer's identity is always checked with a valid photo ID (passport, EU driving licence or identity card) when hiring. A person under 18 years of age can rent an electric bike with their guardian.
  • After confirming the order and/or signing the rental contract, the customer is responsible for all damages and losses that occur to the bike and accessories during the rental process.
  • Customer is obliged to compensate for any damage caused to the bicycles or accessories according to their actual value whenever the damage is caused by the customer himself. In case of theft, natural phenomenon or fire, the wheels are insured. In this case, the customer is responsible for their deductible (500€). By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the customer confirms that you are fully aware of these rental conditions.


  • The Customer is responsible for familiarizing yourself with the description and instructions of the reservation object/objects and the terms and conditions related to the reservation.
  • The reservation made by the Customer is binding when the order/payment confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the customer.
  • Customer pays the reservation according to the payment method chosen by the customer in accordance with the terms of the payment method.
  • The reservation system sends an order/payment confirmation to the email address provided by the customer.
  • The Dealer is not responsible for the failed booking, but the Customer should contact the Dealer without delay in order to correct the situation. The Dealer does not give a guarantee that the object is still available in this situation. If the object is not available, the money will be returned or, if possible, another item will be offered to replace the object.

Cancellations and changes

  • The cancellation date is the date on which the Dealer has been informed of the cancellation.
  • Customer is responsible for making sure that the cancellation has been sent early enough. 
  • If the customer cancels their reservation,
    • whit 72h or more until the start of the reservation, the reservation can be cancelled without charge.
    • with less than 72h, but 48h or more until the start of the reservation, 50% of the rental price of the object will be charged.
    • whit less than 48h until the start of the reservation, the full rental price will be charged.
  • At the customer's request, the reservation can be rescheduled under the following conditions:
    • Rescheduling can only be done once.
    • It is not possible to change the object in the rescheduling.
    • Rescheduling is only possible if the object concerned is available at a new date.
    • Rescheduling must take place no later than 48h before the start of the initial booking. 
    • If the rescheduled booking is cancelled, the full rental price will always be charged regardless of the cancellation time.

Dealer's right to cancel the reservation

  • In the event of force majeure, the Dealer may terminate the lease. The termination will be notified without delay to the customer who rented the object.
  • In this case, the customer has the right to repay the rent paid in full.
  • In a case of Force Majeure, any expenses incurred by the customer from the terminated lease contract will not be reimbursed.

Use of the object

  • The object is specified in the object description. During the rental period, the customer has access to the object and its equipment, as well as specified services. The object is used by the customer as defined in the object description and the booking confirmation.
  • If the booker notices deficiencies or other observations, they shall inform the booking manager without delay.
  • The customer takes care of the cleanliness and condition of the object during the rental period and after its completion.
  • The customer assures that they are committed to taking care of the bicycle so that the bicycle is always locked with a wire lock when the bicycle is unattended and all removable accessories (battery, lock keys and cycling helmet) are in this case with the customer. The bicycle should be locked with a wire lock to a fixed object such as a post, bike rack, handrail, etc. The customer should not leave the bicycle unsupervised for an unreasonably long period of time.
  • In the event of theft or road damage, the customer should immediately contact the police (call 112) to make a report, and contact Saimaa Bikes immediately at the contact number +358 44 975 9586 or the rental point.
  • Customer declares that they understand that they have no rights to claim compensation from Saimaa Bikes Rental Points or Sk Saimaa Coop OSK in case of personal or property damage when the bike is rented to the customer.
  • The customer is fully responsible for any damage that occurs when the bicycle is rented to them until it is returned to the Saimaa Bikes rental point and found to be in perfect condition. The damages are subject to Finnish legislation in force in accordance with these terms.
  • Special conditions for rental equipment
    • The customer should consult the safety and operating instructions for the equipment. The equipment should be used carefully only for normal use intended for it. The customer commits to conduct a safety inspection during the rental period. Rental equipment may not be exported, nor rented further. Rental equipment may only be used to the extent permitted by the terms and conditions and only in places of performance suitable for the user's skill level and competence. The customer always uses all equipment with equipment at his own risk.
    • The customer must return the stock immediately at the end of the rental period to the agreed location clean and in the same condition as it was when it was released to the rental. The customer shall promptly inform the dealer if the refund is delayed. The dealer has the right to charge a 50% increase in rent for the overtime period, unless otherwise agreed. If the customer returns the bike before the agreed deadline, they are not eligible for a refund of the rental price paid.
    • The customer is liable to reimburse the rental fleet for damages and costs incurred during the lease period due to careless or incorrect handling and inadequate maintenance. The customer is obliged to reimburse equipment destroyed or lost during the lease period to its new purchase value. Customer is responsible for compliance with transportation, safety and other regulations. The customer is obliged to inform the Dealer immediately of any defects in the equipment.
    • The Dealer is responsible for the remedies for normal wear and tear of the equipment. The Dealer shall not be liable for any indirect or direct costs or damages incurred by the use or breakage of the equipment. The Dealer does not commit to supply a new device in place of a broken rental object, nor to compensate for any indirect or direct costs incurred by the interruption of work.


  • Sk Saimaa Coop Osk is responsible for the good technical condition of the bicycle and assures that the bicyclehas been serviced regularly.
  • Sk Saimaa Coop Osk and Saimaa Bikes rental points reserve the right not to rent a bicycle without explanation if the customer does not appear trustworthy, seems unable to ride a bicycle or safely care for a bicycle.
  • The customer must understand that cycling always carries its own risks and when using the services of Saimaa Bikes rental points, the customer does so entirely at their own risk. Sk Saimaa Coop Osk and Saimaa Bikes rental points do not insure customers against personal or property damage.
  • The customer must wear an included cycling helmet in accordance with Section 90 of the Finnish Road Traffic Law.

Damage compensation

  • The Customer is liable to compensate the Dealer for the damage they have caused to the object. The Customer is also responsible for other persons using the object and for any damage caused by them during the booking..

  • The Dealer does not compensate the Customer for any inconvenience or expenses caused by natural conditions such as insects, animals, adverse road surface fluctuations or unexpected weather fluctuations.


  • Any comments and complaints should always be made as quickly as possible after the topic has arose.
  • If there is no satisfactory resolution or is accompanied by a claim for compensation, the complaint should be sent written within one month after the end of the rental period.
  • The Dealer will endeavour to process the complaint as quickly as possible, but within a month.
  • If the Customer and the Dealer cannot agree, the customer may refer the dispute to the Consumer Complaints Board.


Terms of payment

  • The Dealer applies reliable and secure payment brokerages in their services.
  • The Dealer does not store bank connection or credit card information at any point.
  • The Customer agrees to comply with the terms of the payment method of your choice.
  • Payment by invoice
    • The invoice must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice.
    • Delay costs are always added to invoices paid after the due date. If the invoice has been paid after the due date on the original invoice and late charges have already been incurred, the charges will be billed separately.
  • If the transaction has not been completed successfully at the time of the order, the Dealer will not process the order.


The payment broker for the e-commerce is Visma Pay (Visma Payments Oy, business code 2486559-4), which is registered in the payment institution register maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Payment is made via Visma Pay's online service and on the bank statement and invoice the payee shows Visma Pay or Visma Payments Ltd. Visma Pay forwards payments to the online retailer. Payment is secure as all payment transaction information is transmitted using an encrypted connection so that no third party can see the details of the transaction.

The trade is created between the online store customer and the online store. The online store is responsible for all obligations related to the store.

Read more about Visma Pay: https://www.visma.fi/vismapay/

Payment methods

Through Visma Pay, you can pay with online banking credentials, wallet, debit cards (credit/debit), invoice or installment payment. The following payment methods are available: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Säästöpankki, Aktia, Paikallisosuuspankit, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, MobilePay, Masterpass, Pivo, Visa-, Visa Debit-, Visa Electron-, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard, and Jousto, Fellow Lasku ja Fellow Yrityslasku.

MobilePay: You can pay with your MobilePay wallet if you have allowed online shopping to pay through the app settings. Payments made with the MobilePay wallet are charged to the payment card connected to the wallet. If the payment card fails to charge the payment card, it is not possible to pay with the MobilePay wallet in the online store.

Pivo: Terms and Conditions are available on Pivo's website: https://pivo.fi/kayttoehdot/pivon-kayttoehdot/Jousto lasku and installment is a domestic service to purchase quickly and safely. Jousto is intended for individuals who have managed their finances impeccably. Jousto gives you 30 days of interest-free and extra cost -free payment periods. After receiving the invoice, you can decide whether to pay it in full or in parts. You can pay your purchase in up to 36 installments with installments starting at 9,90 EUR/month. The cost of the Jousto installment is 3.90 EUR/month and 19.90% credit rate. You can pay for purchases from 30 to 3000 euros with Jousto. The credit provider is Aurajoki Nordic Oy. Learn more about Jousto at www.jousto.com.

Fellow Yrityslasku

Easiest B2B Buying on the Market

Buying with Fellow Yrityslasku is almost always successful with just contact information, without strong identification. It is enough to be able to ensure the connection between the buyer and the company he represents. The invoice is sent primarily as an online invoice, but an email invoice and paper invoice are also possible. We have the official online invoice addresses of companies, so selecting a billing address is also easy. The processing of the purchase invoice is designed to be as smooth as possible for the buyer and the buyer can add the reference information needed to allocate the invoice. In addition, there is a VAT breakdown on the bill.

The normal payment period for a Fellow Yrityslasku is 14 days. If desired, the payment period can be extended up to 60 days. The credit limit of the Fellow Yrityslasku is 5000€. If your business needs a higher credit limit, you can contact Fellow customer service. Fellow Yrityslasku enabler is Fellow Finance Corporation. More information about the Fellow Yrityslasku can be found at the following link: https://www.fellowfinance.fi/maksaminen/yrityslasku

Visma Pay Payment Service Contact Information

Visma Payments Oy (Business ID 2486559-4)
Email: helpdesk@vismapay.com
Phone: 09 315 42 037 (weekdays 8am-4pm) 
Postal address: Brahenkatu 4, 53100 Lappeenranta