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Norppa II bike ferry

Hurissalo – Lintusalo bike ferry connection

The new timetable and ferry ticket sale will be published in the beginning of March.
In 2022 the ferry operates daily from 1 June to 31 August during the high season.
During the low season on Saturdays since 7th of May and till 24th of September.

The address of the Lintusalo pier (laituri) is Nestorinranta, Lintusalontie 1661 A, Puumala. The coordinates are 61° 25,8′, 28°00,1′.
The address of the Hurissalo pier (laituri) is Hurissalontie 390, Puumala.
The ferry has room for 20 passengers with their bicycles or motorcycles. There’s no space for cars board.
The trip takes 40–60 minutes depending on the weather.

Norppa II bike ferry timetable 2022

7.-28.5. 12:00 Sat 13:00 Sat
1.6.-1.7. 12:00 Mon-Sun


14:30 Sat 18.6. & 25.6.

13:00 Mon-Sun


15:30 Sat 18.6. & 25.6.

2.7.-15.7. 12:00 Mon-Sun


14:30 Tue-Sat

13:00 Mon-Sun


15:30 Tue-Sat

16.7.-30.7. 12:00 Mon-Sun


14:30 Mon-Sun

13:00 Mon-Sun


15:30 Mon-Sun

31.7.-31.8. 12:00 Mon-Sun 13:00 Mon-Sun
3.9.-24.9. 12:00 Sat 13:00 Sat




Prices (one way)
Adult with a bicycle: 15€
Child 4-15 yr. with a bicycle: 10€
Additional cost for a motorcycle: 5€
Matkahuolto additional service fee is 0,8€/ticket.

Tickets must be purchased online www.matkahuolto.fi/en.
Please select “Hurissalo laituri” or “Lintusalo laituri” (which means pier, not a bus stop) to find the right connection.

The “Norppa II” ferry email is norppa@puumala.fi and telephone +358 (0)50 308 3004.
For groups, there is a possibility of extra departures on request, please ask.
In Puumala, there are also some boat taxi options, if the ferry timetable doesn’t suit you.