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Price list & rental points

Rental prices and periods for bikes and equipment

  • For a day on the Archipelago Route (9 am - 6 pm)

    • Electric bike 70 €

    • Non electric hybrid bike 40 €

    • Bicycle trailer 

      • with bike rental 25 €

      • separately without bike rental € 40

    • Bicycle bag 5 €

  • Additional days (return on the last day at 6 pm)

    • Electric bike 50 €

    • Non electric hybrid bike 20 €

    • Bicycle trailer  

      • with bike rental 20 €

      • separately without bike rental 20 €

    • Bicycle bag 5 €

Prices include VAT 24%

Bicycle rental prices include:

  • bicycle

  • helmet

  • lock

  • attention vest

  • tool and first aid kit

  • instructions for using the bike


The rental period always starts at 9 am and returns will be made by 6 pm to have time to service the bikes between bookings and transport between departures. There are a limited number of bikes, so it is definitely worth booking well in advance (online bookings at least 15 hours before the start of the booking). Saimaa Bikes bikes are currently available for rent from three different rental points in Puumala.

Rental points

In the summer of 2023, Saimaa Bikes bikes can be rented from three Saimaa Bikes rental points - Hanhiniitty's workshop on Niinisaari, Koskenselkä Camping near the city center and Sahanlahti Resort. When booking, select the place where you want to start the bike tour as the delivery method.

You can make bike reservations

  • directly from the online store (by 5pm the day before the rental)

  • by calling Saimaa Bikes info +358 44 975 9586 (weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm)

  • by e-mail info@saimaabikes.fi

  • from rental points:

Rental points and route on the map