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Rental conditions & rental bike instructions


  • Read the information carefully in advance so you can get on the road quickly on the day of cycling.
  • Make sure that the driving position is suitable, adjust the height of the saddle if necessary.
  • To start the electrical assistance, press the power button on the battery.
    • The electric bike must be in place for the assistance to start.
    • Make sure your foot is not on the pedal and nothing else presses the pedal down, otherwise the assistance will not turn on.
    • If you find that the electrical assistance is not working: stop, turn off the power using the button on the battery and repeat the above steps.
    • You can also take off and put back the battery (using the battery key to unlock)
    • If the electric assistance does not start working after the previous actions, contact Saimaa Bikes customer service.
  • Shift gears in in advance before going uphill, also when using an electric bike.
  • Significantly reduce your pedalling force when shifting gears to prevent the chain from falling off the chainring.
  • If you have any questions about the functionality of the bike along the way, please contact Saimaa Bikes customer service.
  • Pay attention to other road users constantly and leave enough space between people when riding in a group to make it easier for motorists to overtake on hilly and winding terrain. Avoid riding side by side.



  • The renter must read the instructions for use of the rental equipment.
  • Bicycle and equipment rental must be paid in advance and the renter must prove their identity.
  • The customer's identity is always verified with a valid photo ID at the time of rental
  • The renter of the bicycle is obliged to take care of the rented bicycle, lock it and observe special care and caution when riding.
  • The bicycle must not be handed over to another person.
  • The renter of the bicycle is responsible for the rented bicycle and equipment at their full market value until the bicycle is returned. The renter of the bicycle is obliged to compensate for the damage to the bicycle and equipment, as well as the parts and equipment lost from the bicycle.
  • The renter of the bicycle commits to comply with the traffic rules in Finland.
  • The bicycle renter is responsible for any damage he or she causes.
  • The rented bicycle must be returned to the agreed location at the end of the agreed rental period.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take the rented bicycle outside the borders of Finland.
  • Pick up from 9:00, return by 18:00.

See the terms in full here.